Thursday, September 20, 2012

a tribute to my late mom- artist Lillian Gulka

One year ago today my mom passed away suddenly following an art workshop we took together on gabriola island as pictured below


Her memoriam in today's  Thunder Bay newspaper reads:
Beloved wife, sister, mom, "chocha" "baba" and friend
                                      We remember her zest for life,
                                         her laughter, her smile,
                                            her warm embrace,
                                            her encouragement,
                                               her friendship
                                                and her love.

We are truly blessed to have had such a wonderful person touch our lives and our hearts

with much love Walter, Lianne, Leslie, Larissa, Carl, Will and Marko

my special art tribute to my mom is provided below

Lillian Gulka Art Tribute

We miss my mom terribly and this last week of painting on Saltspring Island brought back many great memories.  

Over this past year I am so grateful for everyone's support in helping us cope with our tremendous loss.   Thank you.


Just back from Saltspring Island - more "plein airing" at the FCA annual workshop

I'm just back from a week of plein air with a fabulous group of instructors and artists on beautiful saltspring island. 

Perfect weather, great instruction, tough mental work,  and great friends made for an enjoyable but intense week.

My friend Carol and I trooped around the island winning the award for "most gear in tow" ( this is jusy my pile would you believe?)

from wineries to farms with wild turkeys to beach settings enjoyed by the likes of Bob Hope, the scenery was stunning and most inspiring - our whistler crowd of susie, andrea and sue completed our team!
We spent one day with each of four instructors:  John Salminen, Steven Quiller, Liz Wiltzen and Carla O'Connor - lots of group demonstrations and "drills"
One exercise from Liz Wiltzen was ten shapes and only 50 strokes for one painting - here is my effort of a barnyard and field scene
Ruckles Park was a highlight complete with wild turkeys, sheep and a great beach... below a scene I painted and then a few preliminary results


then further south on the island near fulford harbour: just gorgeous with resident seals and whales

our smiles say it all... ( and this was the winery after all!) an unusual format for a workshop with different media and rotating instructors  - next year is in my backyard at  whistler... whoo hoo

in plein air - "expect the unexpected" and "go with the flow"  : this wild turkey was practically in my lap watching Steven Quiller demonstrate

A new september show - Disappearing into the Landscape at MY Place - Whistler

I am part of a group of 6 artists featured at millenium Place in whistler for the month of september - we were all participants in the whistler art workshops on the lake ( and plein air on the mountain) this summer  - an esteemed group of artists! 

On the show poster below can you tell this is my mountain scene top left: cruising over to 7th Heaven?

some of my pieces in middle ( top picture) and middle 8 above in thin frames - drop by millenium place any time until the 27th to see what our whistler artists are up to...

Plein Air painting with Brent Lynch - battling the elements

August in whistler is beautiful - it was amazing to take in the scenery "en plein air" in a workshop with Brent Lynch.  He is a master of design and colour! very inspiring

We painted outside  battling the elements... wind, extreme heat, blown over easels, fast drying paint - we had it all but it sure was fun

painting in front of the masses was interesting - the biggest compliment: when four year old children tell you how beautiful your work is!

stunning stunning scenery - particularly at the top of whistler mountain

a few of my plein-air works from the spit at Nicklaus North and the top of Whistler Mountain from the top of the Emerald Express  -

An Ode to Van Gogh - Inspiration from Ottawa

Visiting Muskoka this summer I had the opportunity to see a Van Gogh exhibit at the Museum of National Art in Ottawa... I was so enthralled I went back twice!!  inspired by his still lifes, and "up close" textural work, I painted some gladiolas at the cottage.