Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Whistler Art Walk 2012 - Whistler Real Estate Co "resident artist" June 15th to September

Thanks to encouragement from realtor Carolyn Hill and Whistler Real Estate owner Pat Kelly my work is being featured in their office... a fabulous place to display art... I am very grateful for their support ! Art Walk  runs through September with an opening reception July 5th...

I have 12 pieces in the WREC office, and will have an additional four smaller pieces at Millenium Place ... the show "Alpine Meditation" is all set up now...and I am donating all proceeds to Women's Cardiac Research at St Pauls Hospital in honour of my mom, and to the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada where I volunteer as co-chair of the Consumer Advisory Board.

My good friend Carolyn surprised me on our "girls' only" golf weekend recently and held a "surprise" champagne reception for me after hours at the office... how special!

Below in the reception area:  Alpine Meditation, Stillness, One Fine Day and Alpine Majesty I

Below:  Exhilaration at Elevation , and below that... Contemplation, and  Abundance

I also have four smaller pieces at Millenium Place...

Looking forward to celebrating all of Whistler's  great art and artists... should be fun!

Our second annual "art retreat" at whistler

last week eight of us collected at my place at whistler for an inspired three days of painting, eating, socializing, eating, drinking wine , painting and more eating.....

the "janice robertson alumni" group came up once again  for a very fun session... inclement weather so we converted the garage into an art studio... skis, tires, and all!

our great gang!

we all just painted away working on different things... I polished this older "glacier" piece...

and started another Blackcomb hiking piece...

just for something different... a few of us set up an orange gerber still life arrangement and did a quick study : what fun to see everyone's different take.... mine is on the far right below...  who knew that a blue tarp could drive such a composition!

great conversation, great company and great inspiration...we are vowing to paint together again!

A new hanging system - AS hanging systems

a new addition to the studio courtesy of Tristan... very exciting... I have a now hanging system for works in progress ... for the equivalent of Bob Genn's "scotch" or viewing room... feet up and more analysis

I have two studio walls covered now.. simple white nylon cord blends in nicely ... with a more polished "stainless steel" equivalent in another room


visit  - delivery was unbelievably quick