Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Three contrasting gallery exposures - The Vancouver Art Gallery( seriously)...the Federation of Cdn Artist Gallery, and Galileo coffee shop

Well its been a busy spring and you just never know where your art will be displayed!

First the coffee shop....  just hung a show at the Galileo coffee shop in Brittania Beach on the way to Squamish ( right before the mining museum)... from early June to mid july...

Next ... the FCA gallery , or Federation Gallery... got juried into another show... CANVAS UNBOUND with  a piece... High Altitude Drama  (shown above larger at 24 x 36)  was displayed earlier in may..its now at Whistler Real Estate Company for the ArtWalk summer exhibit through the summer

Finally, My work was in the Vancouver art Gallery... legitimately...  for a fundraiser!
The Arthritis Research centre hosted an inaugural event  an elegant "ARThritis Soiree"  and invited me to participate

This is my piece "Alpine Majesty" in the Vancouver Art Gallery ....  all in all a very rewarding event for a very good cause I am very close to!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Plein Air - The Agony and the Ecstasy - OPUS Plein Air Honorable Mention

Well it's that time of year again...

Time to get the paints out and get outside... its been "agonizing" and exhilarating at the same time...

the first "agony".... Im trying out water soluble oils for the first time... I've never painted in oils before unless you count the time I accidentally bought a tube of phtalo blue oil paint and thought it was acrylic and couldn't figure out why it wasn't washing away and why it was smeared all over my clothes, sink, counter top, etc.

So, rather than try them in the comfort of a studio... I chose to go outside and experiment!

Well... I didn't use any thinner or medium so my first effort was VERY clunky... went to a park with a view of the North Shore in Vancouver

More agony.... experiencing the nasty weather painting in the drizzle , wind and rain.
Carol and I entered  the second annual OPUS Plein Air Challenge and went down to Crab Park on Vancouver's waterfront for a day of COLD and WET outdoor fun....  My "happy accident" painting totally feels like the weather we had that day....  one bonus... it won an "honorable mention"!  great to see everyone's different efforts!
Now the "ecstasy".... nothing beats a day outside on a perfect blue bird day on the water with the wind blowing and great scenery.    Went out in whistler and attempted the water soluble oils once again....  with a bit more success this time!  Just playing with paint.... it seemed to move around better using a thinner...   more experimentation needed!