Monday, September 30, 2013

ART BATTLE #70.... here I come!

Upcoming next week on Tuesday October 8th...ART BATTLE #70

This is a series of live art events ... held at various venues across the country!

I will be competing at this event where 9 artists have 20 minutes to complete an 18 x 24 piece... winner of round one and round two go on to paint a larger 24 x 36 canvas

it is going to be fun and terrifying at the same time!

check out these details

hope to see you there!

A fall showing at the Omega Gallery in Vancouver

My work will be part of a fall group show at the Omega Gallery commencing October 5th until November 16th.. I will have four pieces in a range of sizes .. all landscapes.. from whistler, desolation sound,  and saltspring .

feel free to drop by the gallery in person... or check out the show online after  October 5th

( for previous summer show works check out

thanks to Omega for their support!

Federation of Cdn Artist Whistler Plein Air workshop

wow.. just finished an amazing week of plein air at whistler...

the weather cooperated and we had a wonderful mix of venues.. from Pemberton farms to Green Lake to village architecture to the stunning mountain peaks at the top of whistler blackcomb...

some great instruction during the week... values and values and values!

a few of my efforts are shown below...

first from the peak of whistler...

as an intro at Green Lake I did a quick colour study first to experiment with  a palette... ( on the right below)  then tried to capture the dramatic changing sky ( on the left)

really enjoyed the week! the smile at the top says it all!

From piano to art... My first art teaching at Whistler

Inspired by all of my teachers I conducted my first art class at whistler this summer

We improvised in my studio and had an enthusiastic group of six ..

first we experimented with paint just playing with brushwork forming clouds ... then we moved on to a typical mountain and water landscape...  this was an experiment and we worked in stages...  a new experience for most... great to combine friendship and food and  fun!

at work in the studio...

and smiling students showing end of day results..

.looking forward to more sessions!

A new painting experiment - PETS.....

My love affair with my sister's dog Rufus kicked off some interesting experimenting this summer...

Rufus was my first Pet love... just small 9 x 12 pieces

A few pets of my friends followed...  Hua Hua,

 and Roxy

I find myself staring at dogs in elevators now... always looking for good subject matter!

Summer Plein Air painting in Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver

On a gorgeous summer day Janice Robertson organized a group to paint outdoors at Whytecliff Park in west Vancouver... a great plein-air day... really hot so the paint on the palette dried super quickly!

I painted the view shown in this photo and ended up with this beach scene...( basically I cropped and  focused on  the top part of the  scene)

another view of my easel with a different rock... a fellow appeared on the rock suddenly and I discovered an instant focal point....  this is a work in progress!


Friday, July 26, 2013

. Whistler Real Estate goes live with a video "Whistler Real Estate's ArtWalk" ... some unabashed self-promotion

... whistler real estate has made this great video featuring whistler art...and surprise surprise

my work is on display through much of the video...

  somehow Whistler Real Estate has created the perfect art exhibition space

thanks again to Pat Kelly and his team for their wonderful support...

do you remember the tune... "video killed the radio star"?.. hope its not the same for art!
DRAW UPDATE:   Angie Nolan was the successful winner of my art print "Inspiration Plateau" from the Art Walk opening...   


The weather has been so great... sunshine cooperated on opening night

My work is featured with Jennifer  Olsen's and you can check out our pieces on Omega's website:

We had a nice turnout on July 6th and it was great to meet Jennifer and her family from Victoria

some of my pieces on display are shown below


Jennifer's work is very architectural and pieces on display inspired by travels..

Thanks to Jennifer and Jenny for coordinating!! 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Vancouver gallery opening - Omega Gallery July 6th

Just wanted to let you know that my art work will be featured at  the Omega Gallery in Dunbar in Vancouver, starting July 6th with a show opening  from 6:00 to 9:00  pm

visit ( web site will be updated soon)

Please join us for refreshments and view the work of Victoria artist Jennifer Olson and myself

4290 Dunbar St at 27th

Whistler Art Walk 2013 - Opening Reception July 4th - Whistler Real Estate Company

It's that time of year again.... Artwalk 2013 at whistler has started... come out to the opening reception July 4th  from 6:30 to 9:30....  lots of activities and events

I have new work on display at Whistler Real Estate Company in market plaza until September 2013

Come and check it out and come out and support whistler arts!  It is a fun night

All of my proceeds are donated to Women's Cardiac Research at St Pauls Hospital, and the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada, in honour of my mom, fellow artist, Lillian Gulka

Special thanks to Pat Kelly and Carolyn Hill of Whistler Real Estate for their support.

Painting at Lake Louise

Wow, the scenery doesn't get any better than this!!


Painting in the Rockies at Lake Louise... LOVED IT!

Lake Louise... one of my Plein- Air  pieces....  12 x 16


Enroute to a Brian Atyeo workshop at River Rock Studio outside Cochrane, Doria and I painted plein-air at Lake Louise , hiked at Moraine Lake, and took hundreds of photos

An inspired group, an inspiring teacher, and inspiring scenery!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Three contrasting gallery exposures - The Vancouver Art Gallery( seriously)...the Federation of Cdn Artist Gallery, and Galileo coffee shop

Well its been a busy spring and you just never know where your art will be displayed!

First the coffee shop....  just hung a show at the Galileo coffee shop in Brittania Beach on the way to Squamish ( right before the mining museum)... from early June to mid july...

Next ... the FCA gallery , or Federation Gallery... got juried into another show... CANVAS UNBOUND with  a piece... High Altitude Drama  (shown above larger at 24 x 36)  was displayed earlier in may..its now at Whistler Real Estate Company for the ArtWalk summer exhibit through the summer

Finally, My work was in the Vancouver art Gallery... legitimately...  for a fundraiser!
The Arthritis Research centre hosted an inaugural event  an elegant "ARThritis Soiree"  and invited me to participate

This is my piece "Alpine Majesty" in the Vancouver Art Gallery ....  all in all a very rewarding event for a very good cause I am very close to!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Plein Air - The Agony and the Ecstasy - OPUS Plein Air Honorable Mention

Well it's that time of year again...

Time to get the paints out and get outside... its been "agonizing" and exhilarating at the same time...

the first "agony".... Im trying out water soluble oils for the first time... I've never painted in oils before unless you count the time I accidentally bought a tube of phtalo blue oil paint and thought it was acrylic and couldn't figure out why it wasn't washing away and why it was smeared all over my clothes, sink, counter top, etc.

So, rather than try them in the comfort of a studio... I chose to go outside and experiment!

Well... I didn't use any thinner or medium so my first effort was VERY clunky... went to a park with a view of the North Shore in Vancouver

More agony.... experiencing the nasty weather painting in the drizzle , wind and rain.
Carol and I entered  the second annual OPUS Plein Air Challenge and went down to Crab Park on Vancouver's waterfront for a day of COLD and WET outdoor fun....  My "happy accident" painting totally feels like the weather we had that day....  one bonus... it won an "honorable mention"!  great to see everyone's different efforts!
Now the "ecstasy".... nothing beats a day outside on a perfect blue bird day on the water with the wind blowing and great scenery.    Went out in whistler and attempted the water soluble oils once again....  with a bit more success this time!  Just playing with paint.... it seemed to move around better using a thinner...   more experimentation needed! 


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What do Hawaii, a bed store, avalanches and lupus have in common?

Nothing but I haven't updated my blog in ages so I thought I would fill one blog post with four updates:

plein air painting in Hawaii.... an art exhibit in a bed store/gallery.....  alpine paintings donated to the Cdn Avalanche Foundation... and a painting donated to the BC Lupus Society...

                                                              FIRST HAWAII:

I had the wonderful opportunity in the fall to plein-air paint on the Big Island... loved being outside....but challenging conditions with wind and fast drying acrylics

here are a few samples:



 In December and January, the bed store/Gallery Essentia on W. 4th Street in Kitsilano hosted an exhibit of the Whistler Out of Bounds Artist Group featuring the works of Susie Cippolla, Doria Moodie ,Andrea Moore and myself ( we are pictured below at the opening night!)
Since I love painting mountains and snow... and since I love to ski...I donated two alpine paintings to the Whistler and Calgary fundraisers for the Canadian Avalanche Foundation.....  this one is called "Harmony Off-Piste"
I also donated a painting to the annual fundraiser for the BC LUPUS Society... this time a plein-air scene from the peak of Whistler...  It feels good to give back to worthy causes.

Federation of Canadian Artists Juried Shows - landscape and still life success

I've now been juried into two shows at the Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery on Granville Island:

My first landscape entry:  Coastal Mountain High is 12 x 24... shows the WHISTLER hike off Harmony in summer

my first still life entry: Glorious Glads    is 18 x 24...  a bouquet of colour for a dreary day!

I'm now working on some entries for some upcoming shows... always something to strive for!