Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A painting a day workshop

Liz Wiltzen inspired a group of us to paint a "still life day".... who knew that fruits and vegetables could be so inspiring?

it is all about the light.. the shadows, the reflected light... the highlights!

 the key is to look first for simple abstract shapes .  Working with a limited pallette was the first exercise

first a limited pallette

                                             then the full meal deal as shown above... then if that
                                             wasnt challenging enough... the next "challenge": to
                                             paint in ten abstract shapes AND use 50 strokes or less!

                                             shopping expertise comes in handy:  how to save paint
                                              strokes is just like shopping for "bargains".... CONSERVE
                                              and RESTRAIN....  load up the brush to "stretch" your dollars
                                              and load more than one colour to stretch your strokes!  FUN..

                                              this was the result below

                                          at the end of the weekend... a happy bunch below..
                                           instructor Liz our "hero"  bottom row.. third from the right

                                           GO TEAM!

Friday, October 26, 2012

road trip to Alberta - GO BIG or go home

In late september four of us whistler folks made the trek to alberta just outside of Calgary to Canmore to paint at the River Rock Studio with instructor Brian Atyeo and host Ursula Reynolds.

painting in a group, meeting new artists, exposed to new techniques.. it was all a blast

"GO BIG or GO HOME" as they say... we painted LARGE and LARGER... I havent painted on large canvases ( 24 x 36 and 30 x 36) for a very long time so it was fun...

Painted my favourite mountains and lakes landscapes,

But for a change flowers were very fun...

 and for a total change of pace  ABSTRACTS....  colour colour and more colour!!

can't wait to return for more inspiration