Sunday, June 8, 2014

A new trip up the learning curve - Judging the Opus 2014 Outdoor Painting Challenge

Opus Art Supplies has grown a great outdoor painting event over the past few years encouraging the public to come out and celebrate the art of plein air painting across BC

 This year I was asked to judge the event after being a previous participant ..

 It was an interesting collaborative process,  and I was judging in the esteemed company of plein air artist extraordinaire Gaye Adams and fellow artist Eishe .

As the OPUS website describes, it was a highly successful day.... Http://

I was at the downtown Vancouver store...with a great variety of styles and subject matter. In particular, the downtown store has a particularly strong "graphic design" personality... All ages, all styles, a festive atmosphere all in all!

It was very rewarding to make the transition from "participant" to "evaluator" in an official capacity...
unofficially as artists we are constantly in the business of "judging" our work and learning from others... just a different trip up the learning curve
 many thanks to the OPUS team for a great event 
ps for great plein-air tips, check out Gaye's video on plein air painting on the OPUS web site

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