Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Reflections on Art Battle

well it was quite an experience...

painting under time pressure in front of 100's. gave quite the buzz and adrenaline rush ... ( and did I say a case of a bit of the nerves?)

I painted an 18 x 24  mountain landscape in 20 minutes

and I had trained doing  many 18x 24 timed  landscape pieces..

upon reflection, it was a great exercise in mapping in shapes, contrasting values,  and particularly working on an untoned canvas which was different for me

one surprising outcome .... afterwards  I tried grouping various combinations of my pieces to come up with panoramas I could work on down the road


hmmm, interesting inspiration that came just from laying them out on the floor to dry....

I met some great fellow artists in a familial festive environment.  Thanks to Bill Higginson for organizing a great event

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