Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Experimenting in a new medium ..... I have finally discovered OILS!

Over the years, teachers like Brent Lynch  have observed that I would likely have a natural affinity for oils...

buttery and textural ... I always resisted... but now... I experimented and loved this new medium

I have taken a few oil workshops now... a still life course in black and white first as a foundation course.... focusing on abstract shapes and then "modelling"

below is my first still life pieces in true oils ..( 9 x 12)

of course I just know enough to be dangerous... when first asked to "tone " the canvas... I had about an inch thick layer of paint with no medium and wondered why the paint was sticking like glue

Portraits too... Having enjoyed figure drawing and a few portrait experiments, I jumped right in to a one day  FCA portrait course in oils! 

 nothing like painting from life to make you focus on drawing skills .... it is all about values and proportions

(note: only half the face is totally finished.. you can only do so much in a few hours.)

what I am enjoying about oils...you can really model , shape and blend

Liz Wiltzen  recently offered a great course in painting from photos recently, and I painted in oils as well...    "drills" were very powerful and design focused.. 

here is a lake louise landscape in progress... my first oil landscape..


 next a photo reference and exercise focusing on abstract shapes first

looking forward to trying plein-air painting in oils at some point... can't wait!

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