Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Plein Airing in Pemberton - always something interesting!

Another great plein air day in Pemberton painting solo in a field... I felt like a kid in a candy store.. so many exciting views!

with the backdrop of spectacular Mount Currie, mountains and farms are very compelling..

I tried three versions from the same vantage point... see below..

 I modified each version, learning more each time.. always with a view to compose and simplify, on a 12 x 16 board

interesting challenges... dry paint in the hot sun... and  tractors in the field throwing up dust in the middle of your value study!   you just have to laugh...

my final piece was on 18 x 24 inch canvas board, the largest I've done in the "field" ( ha ha)...I really enjoyed "going big" as they say..

thanks to Susie and John for hosting...

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